Pahelika: Revelations is out now!

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Ironcode is proud to present the fruits of two years of hard work – Ladies and Gentlemen, Pahelika: Revelations! This is a game of exploration and adventure and puzzle solving and head scratching and maybe some monitor smashing, but you’re going to love it!

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Youtube Videos:
Pahelika: Revelations Gameplay Video
Pahelika: Revelations Launch Trailer

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  1. Is there a strategy guide for revelations because oh you really need one!!!
    great game but srsly we NEED a walkthru or a strategy guide, been on this for seven hours now.
    and I am so stuck.

  2. Ha Danna,

    We will put up the guide for download very soon. Meanwhile do let us know where you are stuck, and we will try to help.

  3. I am stuck right in the beginning! No matter how I connect all the power lines to the red buttons in the puzzle in the lift room, nothing happens. If I leave and come back, the puzzle changes and I need to start all over. A bit of guidance is appreciated..maybe a picture of one of the solutions would be helpful, so I can see where I am going wrong?

  4. Gmon, I made the same mistake. You don’t have to use the red buttons. Just make a line between the upper and lower connections avoiding the red buttons.

  5. Im stuck in the house, with the key maker, the lathe, etc.
    I have bowls, I have the chemicals, I have rods, I have found a coin
    and inserted it in the arcade game…I just dont know what to do next.
    How to get the heat for the mirror, how to make the key, what the lathe is
    for, where the motherboard goes…well you get it…Im lost.
    I am very appreciative of any help.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Danna, I guess you can heat the mirror outside right at the entrance where the sun shines strong.

    Where have you found the coin?

  7. I’m stuck at the first portal. I have a key, portal meter, red and blue powder. Someone on an other site said that there is a note for the second portal. Where is it and what does the key open?

    There is also another key blocked by a force field behind the desk.

  8. Well been a couple of days now and no response to my problems and no
    sign of a very very much needed strategy guide.
    Even though IN the game it says if you need help look on the Internet for
    a strategy guide.
    Cart-Horse thing there I guess.
    I uninstalled it.
    If you end up tired and frustrated playing a game, then its not worth
    it. And I always considered myself to have above average intelligence and
    excellent solving problem abilities.
    Seriously dudes, get that Strategy Guide up.

    1. No Hint button, no strategy guide, and no interest on modereting the messages, so we can help each other. No wonder Danna’s reaction.

  9. Danna,
    For key at down you have 5 button.
    first 3 must be down

    Motherboards you have to repair middle of key machine and rod machine has one more machine in that. And then you will put on game machine. You will put a coin and ten you will play game. ball must go up. And tehn with hammer broke where you put a coin. Take a metal ball and put on the wheel. Wheel we go which board near the kitchen door. Click 2 times and enter the kitchen.


  10. This game is more frustrating than fun. The first one was much better. There is not even hints available in the game. The game says when you play that there is a strategy guide but there is none to be found. Be prepared to beat your head against the wall until you uninstall it.

  11. Can someone help me? I’m stuck in scene with magnetic rock, collapsed columns etc. I have 5 scrolls with different spells, wrench, 4 books and quill. Any spell doesn’t work in any location, i don’t know what to do… 🙁

    1. nevr mind, i found where use the wrench 😉

  12. Hi friends,
    Strategy Guide Will be Up Soon. In the mean time if you email us we can send you a smaller, text only walkthrough.

    I apologize for the delay in response, we were having some problems with the blog software. For some reason I wasn’t able to post a response at all. The comment part would load, but not fully, and I could type, but post button wouldn’t work. The issue has suddenly gone away.

    Edit: It appears the forum wasn’t completely loading in my browser. Strange!

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