Pahelika: Revelations

Pahelika Revelations


“Far more hardcore than most casual games, Pahelika: Revelations is enjoyable as a collection of puzzles in a fantasy setting”. Adventure Gamers

“Interesting narrative revolving around unusual magical concepts”. Gamezebo

“This is a game that will not disappoint gamers who enjoy challenging puzzles”. Adventure Classic Gaming

The Adventure continues

It all began with a series of nightmares – no, it was just that one nightmare that always harassed Sudesh Budkoti. Not knowing what to do, he tried to understand what had actually happened during his last adventure.

Thus begins the adventure, and though the thought of the dangers that lie in wait for you makes you hesitate just a little, you know as surely as the life itself, that you will not be able to resist the lure…

You can download the Pahelika Revelations Strategy Guide from here:

System Requirements:Windows Vista/7/8/10, Directx 9 or above.Mac: Osx 10.5 or aboveAndroid/iOS: Smartphones with 800×480 resolution or better.

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