Pahelika: Secret Legends

Pahelika: secret legends


“If you’re a fan of adventure games, but not of their tendency to be punishingly difficult, definitely give Pahelika a try” Gamezebo

“The artwork and music adds to the fun without becoming too overwrought, and the created world is just strange enough to encourage interest” Cultofmac 


There is an ancient secret so powerful, it was buried deep beneath a maze of puzzles and pitfalls to prevent anyone from ever laying a hand on it. Then one man discovered the existence of the secret. In doing so, his life changed forever. He resolved to seek the secret. He wanted to know if the legends were true. They were. Click here to download the strategy guide. System Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10, Directx 9, 64Mb RAM, Graphics Card. Mac: OSX 10.5 and better. Android/iOS: Smartphone or tablet with resolution 800×480 or better.

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