Nasscom Animation and Gaming Summit (Nov 6-7)

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We were at the Nasscom’s Animation and gaming summit this year, mostly to see how the gaming bigwigs look like. Most of them looked pretty good, considering how big their wigs were. Jokes apart, most of the people there were quite young, including the suits! I suppose that’s because the gaming industry in india is in a pretty nascent stage.

Anyway, Pallav, our CEO, was a speaker at the summit. He gave a talk at the summit on how we overcame money & manpower constraints to make the runaway casual game hit, Pahelika. There is some coverage of the talk here:

All in all, it was a great event, and it was nice meeting dynamic people like Rajesh and Anand. I think we will be attending the next summit too. Just in case you are wondering, the booze that freely flowed at the summit has nothing whatsoever to do with this decision. Nope. Nothing at all.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha Glad you enjoyed your booze. I expect after your hard work you needed it , fair play. and as to the big wigs in there suits always remember the phrase,THE SUIT DONT MAKETH THE MAN lol.

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