1. I mould is broken into 3 pieces & I can not figure out how to fix it & move it to the pillar – HELP

    1. @Ruth:
      There is another, complete mould lying right in front of you. I bet you’ve picked it up already!

  2. need 5 letters to make up word to open ice room gate

    1. @Martha: The letters are: ‘ooooo’.
      You should get the strategy guide, it is free, and will help you out in such situations!

  3. Iclosed the cabinet in the library before I took out the flower pot and now it won’t open. Can I start this room over?

    1. @karen:
      The cabinet won’t close till you’ve taken out the pot. You are missing something else 😉

  4. I just loved this game it keeps you going till the end. Wish it never finishes, but hey I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one.

    Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen.

  5. This is a fantastic game, but impossible without the guide. I have finished the game –It was great with super graphics.

  6. I your inventory is full and you need a different item how can you drop and item to add another?

    1. No, unfortunately you can’t. But you can use up one of the items in your inventory to make space for the new one.

  7. An added note:
    I bought Treasure Seekers (both) and didn’t need a ‘walkthrough’.
    Loved it! (The one with the paintings, especially)

  8. Never mind. I read the directions again and got it. Great game, by the way.

  9. Awesome game. I especially loved how you had both a strategy guide–essential for someone like me who loses patience after about two minutes of searching, and how you didn’t just give it to me–I had to search (the internet, with plenty of hints) for it! That way, I didn’t get it until I needed it.


  10. How do I get the stradegy guide for Pahelika down loaded. I can not get it to go through.

  11. Finished 1 game and starting a new one but am totally stuck on page 14 “Use the hammer to break the ice stalactite.” the hammer won’t break the stalactite…. I tried all over the page …. nothing happens…. HELP, please

    1. @marion:
      Check your inventory. There should be a stalactite already in there. Break that.

  12. IRONCODE….. how brillant you are !!!…never thought of that. Marion
    ps… would be helpful if the items placed in the inventory were identified when clicking on them…. just a suggestion.

  13. It’s me again. I’m good and stuck in the Ancient machine room and workshop. I have 2 pieces in my inventory, one is something that looks like music notes and the other is a a flat gold plate which is longer than wide. I have tried to put them on the rack but they won’t go so I can’t get into the cabinet below the rack to do the spring winding. I don’t have a spring, it is not where it is supposed to be (on the counter to the right of the robot). I have pushed every button and clicked the pieces I have everywhere and nothing happens. I have exited the game and come back in and still the same situation. Please help me! Oh, and can I redo this level over again?


  14. I can’t get to the door @ the castle tried everything how do I reach the door? The spell didn’t complete the stairs.

  15. Hey, thanks for a very entertaining game. I cant seem to get the blacksmith furnace to run; actually, i cant get anything to run, lol. I have been at this area for 2 days. I have 7 items in my tray: hammer, bow, rod, plank o’ wood, needle nose, and some ignition type thing. I have clicked and clicked. I dont know if I have fixed anything yet. The only good information, so to speak, is the “wooden plank wont start a fire”, and “something else needs to be done before the needle nose will work”. Ack…please help.

  16. oops and what seems to be a wooden hook.

  17. oh ok, I found a solution page, thanks again! GREAT GAME! A very inquisitve game at that. Yay ironcode! 🙂

  18. I have a problem with having too many items in the Fairy Garden (first level in third area). I appears that I can’t use anything, because I picked up everything BUT the pot, and I can’t put anything down.
    I believe I have: 4 crystals, 2 papers, 1 bunch of green leaves, 2 bottles (one empty, one with red), 1 fishing pole, 1 knife, 1 (cut) stick, and that’s all I can think of (not in order), but I know my inventory’s full. I’ve fished out the iron box, I can’t use the potion ingredients (because there’s no pot in the center), and I can’t use the crystals (because it’s blocked).

    If there’s something I can use, please do say so. I’ve checked the walkthrough already. Thanks.

    1. @Michelle:
      Put the crystals into the slot to the right of the gate. You need to put the crystals in the right order. Start with the topmost slot. Also, you need to put crystal exactly into its own slot. Example, take the orange crystal and put it into orange slot, by clicking on the orange slot. If you try to put orange crystal into red slot, it will be repelled.

  19. Hi,I am stuck in ice room.I do not know how to open the door to go next room.Infront the door staing strange mashine with symbols and I was traing to ckliking on them as is on the wall but is not working.realy do not know how to do it next.I have one cup and nothinh else.please help.

  20. I m getting frostbite! I have been staring at this snowman for two days and can not unlock the chest. The stragey won’t download either! Help!

    1. @Gerrie:
      Here is a hint: The half buried poles have something to do with the chest unlock code.

      Here is the solution: 235.

  21. HELP!!!!!!! I’m stuck in the library. I can’t get the books back on the bookshelf. I also can’t open the other cabinets to get the magic dust and scroll. What am I doing wrong?

  22. Just loved this game; very brain consuming, not too hard and I feel very pleased that I was only impatient once and used the guide for an answer.. but wished ( I hadn’t) after it was all over. I did not want the game to finish! fun graphics and puzzles. Thank you.

  23. cant download the stategy guide, looking for the 5 letters for ice gate can’t find the hints, pls help, great game by the way!

  24. as there are only 2 people making these games i think someone somewhere should give them a round of applause,lots of pats on the back,and then buy loads of their games.absolutely brilliant pahelika.my first laptop died on me so i got another one and immediately downloaded the game again,its such a good one i`m continually playing it over and over,however you do have one small problem the download manager has a bot worm concealed in it,thats why my first laptop died.happy gamemaking and playing everyone

  25. I trying to get the trolly to come down by ringing the bells. you have to have the bells in order. how do you do that?

  26. help! I’m in the fairy garden, put the buckrt on the well but can’t find the rope.

  27. Hi I’m stuck trying to pick up the 2 pieces of fire starter, I have the plank but can’t find them. I thought they would be the 2 picecs of old wood. Help.

  28. Hi, I’m stuck where you need to change the flames on the braziers. I’ve got all the colors on the right braziers but the door wont open. Help !! Someone, please.

  29. im stuck on the puzzle with the sequence it have the clover heart diamond wat is the sequence cuz i cant find it out ive spent 2 days trying to find it HELP!!!!!!

  30. anyone have the solution to ringing the bells in order been stuck here for ages

  31. I am stuck a journal pictures located in rolltop desk. I have put pictures in chronological order i think and nothinghappens. Also I cannot find site to download strategy guide for pahelika revelations

  32. i’m stuck on panel in lower left side of machine room….i can’t get the puzzle and the steam pressure machine will not respond to my pushing the buttons on the bottom to keep needle in green…the dial on the small left machine doesn’t respond either….help

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