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Some very nice people have reviewed our game. have reviewed the game over here. Here is the summary:

Despite a fairly easy difficulty, Pahelika: Secret Legends is a very enjoyable puzzle-adventure that will put your wits to the test. If you’re into puzzle games, I really recommend it.

And Pahelika: Secret Legends was reviewed at Uhfgood’s Game Reviews as well.  The conclusion:

Final Analysis:  Looks very interesting.  Nice production values, and well polished, with an interesting story.  You should try it out.

And here is a very nice review emailed to us by Cathy Solomon:

Pahelika: Secret Legends is a spectacular game with astounding detailed graphics. Even the name “Pahelika” has it’s own daring sound to it. The game play itself is original and addicting. It made me not even want to look at the “help” guide but I did just so I could see more in the demo. I wanted to solve everything on my own. Though, the “help” guide is very applicable and easy to understand.
The story line is intriguing and I want to know more. The sounds and voices are perfect for the game.
I am very pleased to have tried this adventure-puzzle game for this is my next purchase in the game category. Thank you to those who have created this adventure- puzzle. You have done wonders to this classification of games.
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  1. Thanks for the “re-link”. You didn’t actually need to do it because my comment was good enough. Still appreciate it though.

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  3. Hi, Just played and completed “PAHELIKA” absolutly brilliant! Would recommend this game wish there were more of theses type of games around

  4. I am usually good at these games but I am stuck on the teleporter. I have the red, green, blue and yellow pieces where they belong but can’t find anything else to do. I did get the message out of the column. Can someone give me a hint?

  5. I dont know if you can help me, but I have been struggling with the ice room sol i was so pleased to see yours, I went to try it to discover I only have 6 boxes in the chest in the ice room!!!! so I cant complete the puzzle I am so disapointed. Do you have any ideas to help with this problem? Thanks Kath

  6. trying to find the solution to the chasm

  7. @Pahelika:
    You have to put the right item in the right slot. Click on the empty slot to get the riddle. There will be a item that answers the riddle. Put that item into that slot.

    And here is the solution:
    Put the quill in the top-left slot, the ruby in the bottom-left slot, the necklace in the middle slot, the hourglass in the bottom-right slot and the heart in the top-right slot to open the door.

  8. I had such grand time with this game, I really am looking forward to the next one
    Thanks so much for the game this is # ! in my book!!!
    Jean Killich

    1. Thank you for letting us know. It is an excellent review.

  9. Thanks for a very enjoyable game….reminds me of the early Myst with the graphics & solvable puzzles. I really hope that you will do more of these types with simple story line and the puzzles. Looking forward to the next one. I am a grandmother that loved the Myst series, but really not into the bloodletting games that are common today. Loved the exploration component in Myst and am hoping that you will be able to have more of these types of games for us older types. I know others my age that will enjoy this game as well as others you come up with like this. Simple script and fantastical scenes & graphics are great. I also liked the built in humor with the snowman and other little touches. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon and , yeah, I would purchase more like this and so would my friends.

  10. I can not get the 2nd & 3rd machines to start in the teleporter room off the robot room – HELP

    1. @Ruth:
      Use the dial on the left to select a different machine.
      Then turn the crank.

  11. just finished pahelika.can’t wait for the next one.when will it be you have any similar games.

    1. @brenda:
      The next one will be out early next year. We do have other games, but none similar to this one.

  12. i can’t work out the word in the ice room to get further, it’s doing my brain in. Help!!!

  13. For once a challenging puzzle game!! Never had I been one to use use strategy guides/walkthroughs, but with this one, it was a challenge. The mini puzzles are not new but the actual game is quite a challenge. Other then the sparkles, figuring out what is to be done was great fun!!!! Looking forward to more games by you!!

  14. I tried the game, loved it at first.
    I had downloaded the walkthrough and therefore had a lot of help, which I clearly needed.
    EVERY room I went to, after the first couple, I had to go to the walkthrough. Trying to figure out an apparently empty room is too much for my poor addled brain. I like having to figure out things, but I need a few more clues. I’m old.
    Flipping back and forth is too much.
    I would have bought the game, but no.
    Otherwise, it could have been better, at least for me.

  15. This is the first multi puzzle game that kept me thinking til the end. I loved the difficulty level of the game. It is rare that I find a game that makes me think about every move I made. Keep making them like this and I will be looking forward to another one like this.

  16. I just played Pahelika…twice…what a fun game…I had to use the walkthrough a couple times to make sure I was on the right track…but it was fun, challenging and I wish it had not ended…keep making games like this! Thanks for the fun!

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