Pahelika Series


The Pahelika series, which is still continuing, is a series of adventure games that started with the publishing of Pahelika: Secret Legends. The game went on to become Ironcode’s best selling game and was on top of casual game lists for a long time.

Pahelika: series chronicles the adventures of Sudesh Budakoti.

Pahelika Secret Legends

Ever since he was a child, Sudesh wondered about the truth of the legends he’d been told.

  • The legends of Pahelika, the magic book, the exploits of the great wizard Gogra the Invincible, the king of demons, the academy of dark wizards…
  • Little did he know that the mundane act of opening a chest will begin the greatest adventure of his life!

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Pahelika Revelations

After obtaining Pahelika, Sudesh is unable to sleep. His dreams are invaded by nightmares, leaving him sleepy, irritated, grumpy, beat down, and…


Curious enough to start looking for the source of his troubles, Sudesh once again searches for clues in his ancestral house, and makes a startling discovery…

Surely the genesis of his problems lay in the past! There were so many holes in his understanding of what had happened that last time…

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