Welcome to KnightHold, the capital of the small Kingdom of Bedupako. King Pajama III rules Bedupako from his toilet… err, hot seat in KnightHold.

The bordering orc and goblin towns have always been a traditional enemy of KnightHold. Ill mannered and bad breathed Orcs are always drinking, neither of which traits is liked by the sensitive folk of KnightHold.

Goblins usually only flex their tiny muscles when they are in good numbers, but close proximity and no affection with the neighboring orcs has prevented that from happening.

King Pajama has put out a call for heroes in defense of Knighthold. Amongst other things, the heroes will be entitled to one imported toilet each.


These are some of the unique characters that are making life difficult for the gentle folk of Knighthold.

bad piggy
Badder than baddest of the bad pigs. They’re attacking the king’s camp just to be bad.
Cunning, cowardly inventors of the crossbow, Goblims prefer prey they can hit from afar
Owrk Samarr

A crone who harassed the other Owrk too much. Then the Chief had a bright idea: get rid of her by sending her to battle. She turned out to be surprisingly useful.


Small but mean, these demons have annoyed mankind for centuries, mostly by displaying their pink buttocks every time they get the chance.

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