A peek at Pahelika: Revelations!

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At Ironcode Gaming, we are hard at work on Pahelika: Revelations – the sequel to our hit casual game, Pahelika: Secret Legends. And what is more, we have some screenshots to show!

It is early days yet, but we are really excited at how the game is shaping up. This game is going to be bigger, better and more fun than our previous one! After the release of our previous game, we spent a lot of time checking out all the reviews to seek ways of improving it. We also took into account suggestions from players and their feedback has helped us a lot in designing this game.

The story continues from where Pahelika: Secret Legends left off. As the player, you will square off against an ancient and terrible foe. This foe is treacherous indeed, but you will find that the biggest danger comes not from outside, but from within yourself!

The story of Pahelika: Revelations is full of intrigue and surprises, and it even throws light on some of the questions left unanswered in the previous game! We have upped the game resolution to bring you better and sharper graphics, we’ve got better and flashier cutscenes, and the game will have many more locations to visit!

If you liked Pahelika: Secret Legends, then this is one game you don’t want to miss!

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  1. WOW!! I thought I’ve played ever game out there, This one beats everything hands down. HOME RUN!!

  2. Pahelika secret legends is the most bestest,hardest and chaleging game ever!!!
    thank you ironcode for such a great game!
    i hope pahelika revelations is 3 times longer,better,chalenging than pahelika secret legends!

  3. I loved the first installment, am so looking forward to this newest game. I hope it is super long and super hard, As an older adult I love challenges and am counting on a top notch team from Ironcode to come up with games to keep us coming back for more!

  4. Pahelika is one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played–and I play alot of games. I had to use the strategy guide to get by some parts but still, it was alot of hard work. Can’t wait to play another one of these games!

  5. While waiting on my 5th baby, I have been distracting myself with hidden object and puzzle games. My kids like to try them, too. I loved Pahelika, and though I wish it had more gameplay, it was very satisfying. I can’t wait for your sequal!

    Thanks for all the creativity and man-hours you put into this game. =)

  6. WOW!!!! What a game. I usually like hidden games with puzzles but I must say this game beats all hands down! I so enjoyed the challenging puzzles and I certainly hope that the next one is even better and more thought provoking!!!! When’s the expected releave of Pahelika: Revelation?!!!

  7. Pahelika is the best I have ever played. I couldnt wait to keep playing, and found myself at the computer constantly. I loved every challenge. The design and story are very exciting, and stimulating. I even let my daughter with a disability do the puzzles pieces. Keep up this amazing work. Can’t wait for the next game.

  8. I truly enjoyed this game and I just couldn’t wait to complete it. Thumbs up Ironcode!!!!

  9. I just finished secret legends and i had a lot of fun, though the last level was a little easier than i thought it would be. yay for the sequel. i really like these types of games, because it is puzzles and hidden object into one flowing game. I have played Azada, and the Dream Chronicle Series. And your game def goes onto the list of games i like

  10. The first one was great and I am looking forward to the next installment. The rooms look like you are there.

  11. This game, Pahelika is the absolute best I have ever played. I like the fact that they don’t make it easy and you have to figure it out for yourself and open new doors in your mind to figure out what to do in the scenes. It makes your mind expand and you find yourself thinking in ways that push your mental capacity. Knowing that if you rely on your own wits you can’t proceed to the next screen. I love this type of challenge! I can’t wait until the sequel “Revelations”. Please bring it on and SOON!

  12. Loved this game…..so sad to have finished it!…………but soooooo looking forward to the next instalment,it really got me useing my logic fanastic that there are no hint buttons.
    Brilliant ironcode thank you,pls let me know when next instalment available!.
    Once again guys thank you and hope you have a very prosperous future.
    I would recommend you to everyone.

  13. I loved Pahelika and can’t for the next! Hurry!!!

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and look forward to the sequel.

    I did have one criticism which I hope can be corrected in the new one: Many times when you picked up an item it was very difficult to tell what it was supposed to be.

    A number of games I’ve seen have a feature where if you hover your mouse over an item in your inventory, it is identified in some way: “pipe” or “dry stick” or “wrench” or some such. It doesn’t have to be particularly specific, just something that doesn’t leave the player scratching their head over what it is. I think having such a feature would reduce the incidence of just plain guessing about how something should be used.

  15. I bought Pahelika: Secret Legends last year and I have to agree with everyone else! I am not a big game player per se but this has to be the most mind boggling, challenging game ever!!! I just LOVE it and am anxiously awaiting the sequel, “Pahelika: Revelations!” When is it due to come out? Is there any idea? I’m like a little kid at Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cannot wait for the next installment, love it love it love it. Your whole team should be proud its an excellent game. well done all. And i am a game addict but you have knocked the socks off all games i have played so far. Like ljc says hope it is longer , as do not want it to end lol.

  17. Pahelika is an excellent game, I have replayed it many times. I do hope the sequel Pahelike Revelations will be available soon.

  18. Loved Secret Legends and I can’t for Revelations!

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