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Since some puzzles are causing trouble to people, I thought I should offer some solutions. I want everyone to finish the game! Don’t look at the solutions unless you are stuck on these puzzles, otherwise it may spoil the fun!

Ice Room Keyword Puzzle:
Solution is in the strategy guide. I could post it here, but some people who have not reached there yet might also see it, that might spoil the game for them!

The braziers puzzle in fairy hut.

Wizard Tower Sequence Puzzle Solution:

Fairy Garden Sequence Puzzle Solution:

Ice Room Sequence Puzzle Solution

The Dencing Men (or The Stick Men) Machine Teleporter Room

Room of Seasons Sequence Puzzle Solution

Clue to Clubs, Diamonds, and Spade Sequence Puzzle:
You’ll notice that there are two runes with the exact same symbols on them, except that they’re vertically flipped. Keep them together! Make pairs! Since the first rune is fixed, you will get an idea of how to pair them.

Shores of the Yantra Nagari
Here is how to make the fire starter:

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  1. I am loving this game, however, I am stuck in the ice room with the keyboard puzzle, and for some reason, I can not think of the word. Could you please let me know, what to do.. I checked the strategy guide, and it tells you that you need the word, but no hints to what the word is…. thank you..

  2. I solved the braziers puzzle in fairy hut as described in the photo but the door doesn’t open. why?

  3. Nice game with stunning graphics. But these rune sequence puzzles are starting to really irritate me. The one with the clubs, diamonds and spades has me baffled and I’m sure others will as well. Are there clues for these other that what isn’t in the strategy guide? Might be helpful to have more clues to these puzzles instead of either nothing or everything.

  4. IceRoom Keyword Puzzle:
    Solution is in the strategy guide. I could post it here, but some people who have not reached there yet might also see it, that might spoil the game for them!

  5. Clue to Clubs, Diamonds, and Spade:
    You’ll notice that there are two runes with the exact same symbols on them, except that they’re vertically flipped. Keep them together! Make pairs! Since the first rune is fixed, you will get an idea of how to pair them.

    The Braziers Puzzle:
    There is a bug in the game there. It is triggered when:
    (a) The brazier with the green strip has a green flame in it, and
    (b) The wand has a green flame in it, and
    (c) You click with the wand on the green brazier.

    Don’t do that, and you will be fine. I am currently working on making a new version. Once done I will email everyone with a new download link. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  6. I’m stuck in the machine steam room trying to un-jam the lever so that I can activate the steam generators. There is a sequence of six figures whose arms move to various poses. Two figures are fixed. The situation is not even mentioned in the strategy guide. Can anyone help me?

  7. I solve the sequence of the runes as per the solution for Wizard Tower. Nothing happens !!!!

    What do I have to do ????


  8. Hi Mary,
    Can you give me a screenshot of what you have tried?

  9. I have looked all over in the under ground of the fairy garden for the hollow stick and can’t find any. Any one know where to look? I didn’t have any trouble with the bamboo stick for the fishing pole.

  10. I need instruction on the seam machine. I cannot get all machines activated. I can get the gears to turning but cannot get the doors to open. Clearer instructions on this challenge. I have downloaded the strategy guide and examined other hints and tips on this website….still confused…help please.

  11. Correction to above question. Should be STEAM machine. Sorry about the typo.

  12. @Leslie,
    The stick is on the top of the book rack to the right of the wooden drum. The stick is lying horizontally on a stand.

  13. Hi Ironcode,
    I am still not able to download the Strategy Guide for the game.
    You had offered to email the guide earlier.
    If it is not too much trouble could you do that?
    I have been trying since Friday to DL with no luck.
    Thanks so much for a great game!

  14. in the ice room solution you show 7 slots i only have 6 in my game?

  15. @Cherie:
    I believe now you have managed to activate all the machines, right?

    That’s ok, ignore the 7th slot.

  16. The most of the puzzles can be solved using an arithmetic progression. It isn’t really that hard 😀

    @ Theresa : Have you tried OOOOO? 😉

  17. I am stuck in the ice room that has a word puzzle to solve . I can not figure out what word I am trying to solve. Please help me.

  18. The puzzle from the ice room is really something. For 10 minutes I was looking everywhere for a hint, went back and forth locations when the solution was written on the ice block 🙂

    You really wouldn’t expect the solution to be that obvious. Good job Ironcode 😉

  19. I’m stuck in the ice room and can’t get the door open to get back into the hut. Retrieved the hammer, opened thin ice and have ice in triangle shape. What am I missing? Thanks.

  20. Iam stuck on the heart, ruby, feather, time glass and neckless put in the right order to open the door

  21. @christy:
    There is a button at the top of the screen. Click that.

    You have to put the right item in the right slot. Click on the empty slot to get the riddle. There will be a item that answers the riddle. Put that item into that slot.

    And here is the solution:
    Put the quill in the top-left slot, the ruby in the bottom-left slot, the necklace in the middle slot, the hourglass in the bottom-right slot and the heart in the top-right slot to open the door.

  22. I poured the water into the wrong place in the ice room. It says pour it on the wooden mould and I thought I did that, but it didn’t work so I must have poured it wrong. How do you restart a level without having to restart the whole game? I don’t want to play through all the stuff I already played. Thats really annoying!


  23. I didn’t notice the pot outside the fairy garden and completed all the other tasks first so I have in my inventory: four coloured crystals, two notes, two plants/leaves, oak branch, scroll, empy bottle and – I think this may be where the problem lies – a bottle with some red fluid in it. My inventory is full so I can’t pick up the pot! Anything I can do, or do I have to start again?

    1. What you need to do is to fit the crystals in the slots to the right of the big gate. The crystals only go in a certain order. Put the orange crystal in the orange slot first.

  24. Hi! I’m stuck on the ropeway. I get the message that the bells had to be hung in the right order, but there is no way to get the bells of the rope and no way to restart the level. I played the whole game again and placed the bells in the correct order, but once I placed the first bell in the right position, which is on the far right, the bell goes to the far left and the following bells in the following sequence. How do I get that right?

    1. @normalie:
      The bells will automatically go in the correct order. You have to PLAY them in the correct sequence.

  25. Ironcode, that is what I did, according to the tips on the walkthrough site, but as I said, the bells were placed from the back to the front. Can’t the level be restarted?

    1. No need to restart the level. You won’t get stuck here. Start by playing the rightmost bell first. You will hear a ‘bell’ sound. Then play the middle one. By trial and error, you can work out the sequence.

  26. How do I set the levers to operate the lift? I’ve tried several combinations but can’t get the right one.

    1. Set the levers to the following positions:
      1: Back
      2: Back
      3: Forward
      4: Forward
      5: Back

  27. I did the puzzle in the grand hall but i can not get back to the grand hall from the hut after mlting the shards

  28. i’m suck in the ice room after opening the gate with the keyword,i have just one knife and i dont know what to do?

    1. @bojan:
      Go back to the fire, heat up the knife, and use it to cut the pillar.

  29. I am in the ice cave, got the pot and the pieces of ice, I should go back to the room and put the pot on the stove to melt the ice but I can’t get the pot to stay on the stove, it says something like “tha’t wont work right now”…

    Am I missing something?

  30. I click on the hammer in the ice room and it says it’s out of reach… How do I get the hammer?

    1. @Malou:
      Pick up the blocks of ice and stack them to the right and then you can reach the hammer.

  31. Need help getting the third machine and the steam gauge to work. The screen says the machine is working, but when I try to activate the pressure gauge, nothing hapens. The other two machines are working fine, and the bottom of the steam gauge is going around. What do I do?

  32. I tried

    ironcode permalink
    Set the levers to the following positions:
    1: Back
    2: Back
    3: Forward
    4: Forward
    5: Back
    Nothing happens – where am I going wrong!

    1. @Lee: In which place are you?
      @Sandy: On the left there is a machine selector. On there is a knob. Use the knob to select a machine. Now use the lever to start it. In this way select all the 3 machines and start them one by one.

  33. im stuck in the transporter room with the books en magical lock closet i have a bleu and green empty bottle???

    1. @Tiny: Why don’t you look at our free strategy guide?

  34. thanks at first i can not open the guide but now i can and its a great help!!

  35. I am stuck in the fairy garden. I cannot figure out how to complete the strength potion…or, that is, I think I need the magic scroll still, but I cannot find it. I have placed the pot on the rune floor, added the two plants, oak branch and bottle with red stuff, but am now stuck.

    I also figured out the colored jewels, but did not notice if it activated anything.

    1. @Lizzy: You need to cast a spell using the spell scroll. The scroll is hidden inside a hollow stick. You need to cut the hollow stick to get the scroll.

  36. I am in the ice room i need to break the ice thing to get ice to melt in the pot but i cant find anything to break to get the ice where is it located?

  37. I just finished Pahelika secret legends and it was awesome!!! I sure hope that they intend to make another adventure or a part 2. Until then I intend to play it again and again.

  38. Hi., I am stuck in the shores of the Yantra Nagari, I cant pick up the 2 wooden items on the sand half buried,.

  39. ii’m stuck in the machine rooom I’m trying to stabilize the steam pressure. I keep stabilising and i think for 30 seconds but everyim the machines go of again.

    It’s frustrating… How can is solve that.

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