Brazier Bug Solved!

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Brazier Bug Solved!

I have just fixed the problem. Please download and install the following patch, and the door will automatically open! The patch should automatically install to the correct directory. Also, since the game itself has been updated, newer buyers will not face the bug.


Sorry for the trouble. Hope you enjoy the game!

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  1. I was enjoying the game however even after applying the patch, the door will not open and I am also unable to start the game from beginning so I must say that there still a few glitchs in it too bad…….

  2. To start the game from beginning, go to the main menu, click on the big painting above the table, and create a new player.

  3. I still have the problem of the not opening door after applying the patch. I even restarted my computer to solve the problem. Is there anything else I can do instead of playing again the game?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. @Jen
      The patch must be installed in the exact same directory as the game itself. Normally it is automatically detected, but sometimes, automatic detection does not work.

      In that case, you need to manually select the game directory when installing the patch.
      Hope that helps.

      Alternatively, you can zip up the save game, and send it to me. I will modify it to open the door, and then you can use the new savegame.

  4. Thank you for your prompt reply. The game now is o.k. The truth is that I started all over again but …………. I am enjoying playing every second of it.
    Thank you again!!!!!!!!!

  5. the patch does not work the door still does not open I would like to send you the rar from my saved game but i have no email adress to send it to and it will not be copied here I am heavy addicted to the game allready so please help I did try everuting I could think of only not playing the game again

  6. The patch must be installed to the game directory for it to work. Normally it is automatically detected, but sometimes detection does not work. Then you will need to manually specify the game directory.

    Send the save games to us at:
    help {at} (Replace {at} with @}

  7. thanks for the quick answer will try starting the game from begininng to see if this help this game is great

  8. jaz ne morem pravilno razporediti v 2 stopnji tam ko so srce,dijamant peščena ura in tako naprej prosim za pomoč

  9. I found many difficulties with Pahelika, not least of which is the failure to save the game state properly. After a couple of tries at the first few levels, I exited, restarted, and was back at the beginning. 🙁

  10. In the library room, I accidentally closed the cupboard door before placing the vase inside. Is there any way of being able to get the cupboard open so I can continue the game?

    1. @Lori:
      Its not possible to close the door before placing the vase inside. You are missing something else.

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