1. I have two problems.
    1) I can’t contact you via e-mail address. I get the message “—– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–

    (reason: 554 5.7.1 Blocked for SPAM: found in dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net (see http://www.uceprotect.net/en/rblcheck.php?ipr=”
    2) I paid for the game but I can’t download it (Invoice ID via PayPal: 4651004). The reason: I’m asking about my phone number, I give my phone number and then I get the stupid answer “we noticed that the phone number you entered is either incorrect/incomplete or we were unable to reach you at that number”. I can’t contact with Plimus also and I don’t know what to do. Try to help me, please.

  2. I love the game but i am stuck and I have been trying to find someone who can help. I am in the fairy garden outside and i am suppose to do a puzzle under the trapdoor. so i open the puzzle and i am suppose to do a sequence of the runes but i can not figure out the sequence. i downloaded the strategy guide but it does not tell u how to do the small puzzles. any HELP

  3. Great game, you just need to scrutinize the screens very carefully & remember if you get stuck to use the back buttons at the top as there may very well be something that needs doing in a previous screet. 10 out of 10, if only there were more games like this available on the market.

  4. This is a good game but seems i got the bugs at the Hidden Robot
    i cannot make charcoal + fire.

  5. How come it says 7 comments, when mine is the only one that is appearing here?

  6. I really like this game and would like to buy it but am having problem downloading strategy guide.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  7. @Adreas
    Hi Adreas, This is a bit late, but Are you still not able to download the game? Let me know and I will give you a link.

    I am not really sure which puzzle you are talking about. Are you taking about the slots next to the big gate?

    Get the strategy guide: http://www.ironcode.com/pahelika.html

    Will email you the strategy guide if needed! Although I don’t think you should have problems getting it!

    Thanks for the review Keith. I appreciate you posting here!

  8. Help

    I am stuck in the Fairy Hut Inside, i have done all the things from the strategy guide.

    But the door whont open

  9. No thats not helping becouse the cene in my came is the same as on the pic.
    So that door hass to be open, but somehow it stay closed

  10. I just looked at the code, and I haven’t found any problems so far, but I am going to check it in detail.

    For the people who are having trouble with the braziers puzzle, would you be kind enough to send me a screenshot, or the save game? You can email it to me at:

    help{at}ironcode.com (remove {at} and replace it with @)

    If you are using windows xp, most likely your save games are stored at

    C:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication DataIronCode

    Replace Username by your own windows username. For example, my Username is pallav, so for me it is:

    C:Documents and SettingsPallavApplication DataIronCode

    There is a folder named ‘Pahelika’ inside. If you Zip it up and send it to me, then I will be able to figure out what’s really happening.

  11. Brazier’s room:
    Sorry about all the trouble. Thanks to the save game sent to me, I was able to find the problem. There is a bug in the braziers room, and it happens when:

    (a) The brazier with the green strip has a green flame in it, and

    (b) The wand has a green flame in it, and

    (c) You click with the wand on the green brazier.

    Don’t do that, and you will be fine. I am currently working on making a new version. Once done I will email everyone with a new download link.

    I don’t believe there are any other bugs. Thanks for your patience and support!

  12. hola me quede travada en un rompecabezas, nesesito alguna guia para poder pasarlo, es el ropecabeza donde ahi un corazon, un rubi, una pluma, un reloj de arena y un medallon con forma de engranaje.
    por favor ayuda!!! espeo su respuesta

  13. I am in the fairy study and the left cupboard door closed before i put the blue vase inside. Now it won’t open and I’m stuck.
    Help please!!

  14. i am stuck at the jigsaw puzzle in Wizard Tower Top because the pieces will not rotate. What am i doing wrong i love the game sofar but i’m stuck for days now, please help

    1. @Titia: Right click to rotate the pieces.

  15. Help

    I am stuck in The Shores of the Yantra Nagar
    In the strategy guide I can read that there is a plank and two strange wooden item half buried in sand.
    I think I can see it near the wather but I can’t pick them up.
    Please help me

  16. Hello … I am stuck … LOL of course… I have passed the ice room and have the support beam in the Room with the 2 guardians. Now I can not figure out the Word I need to complete the puzzle…
    I adore this game it is challenging and keeps my interest …
    But man I want out of this room LOL
    Have been here for 3 hrs now.
    Thank you for the time and effort that you and your people put into making this extrodinary game

  17. I am stuck in the tower. I think I need some dust in order to read the table. I can’t find it anywhere – can you help me?

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      First light up the lantern. Then put it on the wooden pedestal. This will dispell the illusion. Now take the lantern from the pedestal and go up to the golem room. Now place the lantern on the wooden pedestal. The fake door will disappear and magic dust will be revealed.

  18. Great game, can’t wait for the next tale.

  19. Just wanted to say, I just finished the game and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I hope you’ll be doing a sequel to it soon! I had to use a walkthrough for some of it, but only ever for a couple of hints. The only thing I found not intuitive on the puzzle-solving was the word puzzle in the ice room. I never would have figured out “ooooo” without the walkthrough! But other than that, a really wonderful game and I really liked the guy who did the voice of the lead character and the narrator. Wonderful stuff! Looking forward to the next one!

  20. Ok in the room with the compasses, so far has been a great game, and def. a bit different which I;ve enjoyed. However I fiddled with one of the 4 compass when I entered the room, I have the guide to way to reset each compass, but no idea what the original settings of all 4 compass where. SO I can’t get the door to open, as I didn;t have the right combination when I started changing tthem, what was the original positions of the 4 compass?

    1. @Stew:
      The original position of the needles doesn’t matter. The guide is talking about the position of the compass itself. Which is the north compass? The topmost. Which is the south compass? the bottommost.

  21. I’m stuck in the 1st ice room, I only have a jug, triangle mold, hammer & one ice shard. I cannot find or break any more ice shards.
    I cannot get the ice shard to melt, I have already broken the thin ice on the wall and exposed the strange 3 triangles. I go back to the cabin to melt the only ice shard I have and it just says the room is cozy with the fire. What am I doing wrong. Thanks, This is the first time I’ve been stuck on this very nice game. The graphics are beautiful, the voice over is wonderful, and the music is quite relaxing. Congratulations on all the hard work!

    1. Use the hammer to break the ice shard. Put it in the jug. Now go back & melt it.

  22. Loved the game – it’s my idea of a perfect puzzle game! I’m looking forward to more of your games.

  23. I am in the ice room, but I can’t get the hammer. keeps telling me its out of reach

    1. @auntdb76:
      Stack a bunch of ice slabs below it.

  24. I cant figure out the word clue in the Garnd Hall..Been stuck there for two days trying to figure it out..Need help please..Thanks PJ

  25. I am the ice room. I cannot get the ice tower to move. I put in the symbols and then press 0 and when I have finished putting in all six symbols I press X. I occasionally get a message that says “this might work if it was done correctly”. this is a good game however there are too many times when objects are missing or some other strange errors occur. Please get me through the Ice room. I have no other object to use other than the pot. I have used all the other objects. This is incredibly frustating and has too may glitches.

    1. @Sharon:
      The game has no glitches that I know of.
      Pressing X resets the puzzle, so don’t press it, unless you want to reset the puzzle of course.

      So try this:
      First reset the puzzle, then follow the instructions in the strategy guide.

  26. The game is beautifully made, but too easy to solve. I finished it in about 3 hours. I would like these kind of games to be much longer, wouldn’t mind paying more for it, but it’s too bad such a nice game is solved in an evening.

  27. I love this game, however, I’m stuck on the Slot Riddle in the Chasm…No matter what combinations I’ve tried I can’t get it to open the door. I have the strategy guide, but other than telling you what the objects are there isn’t an answer as to the right combination. I did get the right combination the 1st time I played and wrote it down, but it doesn’t work with a different Player Name. Help, I would like to go on!!!!!

  28. I just finished playing Pahelika and absolutely loved it!! will you be creating a sequel for this and when will it be available?

    1. @Sandy: Yes, we are hard at work at a sequel, and we will be releasing it in March next year.

  29. Very glad to hear sequel coming. I love Pahelika, beautiful game. Are you still planning on March 2010 for the sequel?

    1. Unfortunately, we have to shift the date a few months.
      We are shifting our offices between different states and the legalities involved will set us back by a couple months.

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