Last Man Standing gets reviewed

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Last Man Standing, our tank shooter game, has been reviewed at Uhfgood’s Reviews. You can find the review here:

For those who are too lazy to go there, here is an excerpt:

But the thing is, even though the controls were simple and there wasn’t much to it, I kept playing and playing and playing.  There’s a certain addictive quality to it.  I kept looking and saying, gosh they only move in four directions, and they don’t do much other than shoot, I should be able to beat this.

Yep, it is not an easy game to beat.

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  1. Help !!!! I can’t get thru the place where you build the bridge thing, in the Chasm Room to go further on. This is pretty early in the game. I have looked for the title of what room this is and can’t find one. You put these five pieces in this holder thing across the cave to go on, but it just tells me that”One or more of the pieces are in the wrong slots.”
    Help, Any one out there?????

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