Ironcode Gaming - new site unveiling

Ironcode’s New Website is Live And Welcomes Visitors!

The long overdue overhaul over, our new website is up and running. Since you are here, and you’ve already seen it, welcome to our new website! We feel it provides you and us a better platform to connect and share updates about exciting new games that we are going to work on. We also have a setup to communicate with gamers and […]

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Santa’s Bad Day Released for Android

 Santa’s Bad Day is a cheerful, colorful, free little game that will put you in the Christmas mood and spirit.Santa’s sledge has just bounced off an unexpectedly solid cloud and the gifts have been scattered! Catch the gifts as they fall, or many kids won’t be getting their gifts this Christmas!Price of admission: Free. In […]

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Pahelika Revelations Greenlight

Pahelika: Revelations is greenlit on Steam!

Pahelika: Revelations has been greenlit on Steam! This is a green lettered day in the history of the Pahelika series of games! Release date on Steam will be announced soon. What we sought to create in Pahelika: Secret Legends and Pahelika: Revelations was genre changing adventure games that was accessible to the casual gamers. Ironcode is grateful […]

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