pahelika_rv_greenlit_small-icnFirst released five years ago, Pahelika: Secret Legends the game has a history almost as fantastic as the story within the game itself. After releasing on casual portals such as Big Fish Games, Ironcode’s Pahelika: Secret Legends found its way into the calm harbour of Gamersgate and impulse.

And there it lay forgotten for two years.

After a rocky & tumultuous porting period of 1 year, during which which Ironcode found and lost several  publishers, the game found its way into the unwelcoming shores of the Apple Appstore and Google Play. There it lay, buffeted by winds and water, destined for a unknown, silent death, with no hopes of rescue.

And then suddenly - Steam.

Download and enjoy the simple story and the gentle, teasing puzzles that made this game such a hit when it was first released:


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