We have just moved to our new premises in Meedo Arcade, Dehradun. Just finished unpacking our stuff. Now its back to work on Pahelika: Revelations!

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4 comments on “New Office!”

  1. Linda Conn

    Congrats on the new office!! Now get back to work on that new game, been waiting a long time for it to come out! LOL!!

    • ironcode

      We’re working on Pahelika: Revelations, we expect to finish it around August this year. So, it will be released around the first week of september.
      @Linda: Rest assured, it will be worth the wait :)

      • Linda Conn

        Waiting patiently for September to get here.

        Hope the new office is working out well for ya’ll and that it inspires all to start working on more games along the lines of Pahelika.

  2. craig

    Loved the first game–when will this one (revelations) be done? Can not wait.

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